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At Prince TeasTM, we believe in the healing power of nature and seek out the finest quality, origin-sourced teas and botanicals in the world with which we create our unique tea formulations. In addition to their appeal on the palate, these powerful ancient plants and herbs offer wide-ranging health benefits uniquely suited to our modern times. Consumed regularly, their cleansing, healing and restorative properties are beautifully revealed.

Behind the concept: Sibling team of Tina and Princ Bhojwani drank versions of turmeric tea themselves, but found making it to be a time-consuming and messy proposition.  Access to a (vastly) superior quality turmeric was and is the key to our first fomulation.  This is the good stuff. It is from a family source trusted by our mother and grandmother. 
Passion to create better tasting, healthier teas using better ingredients is most definitely at play.  For our first blend, we combined our carefully sourced, hand-ground turmeric with an elegant sencha green tea that generally isn't found in a bagged format and seldom gets exported to the U.S. 
Our tea philosophy is simple: Better ingredients make better teas.  Seek out the best ingredients and let them sing. 
In addition to providing the best, we aim to show you that we are a different kind of tea company.  We have a wider vision and are driven by a larger mission.

A world with less preventable illness and suffering.

To promote a nature-based proactive preventive wellness model.


                                                                                                                                             "Be the change."  Gandhi