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We set out to create a company with core values which we believe in and must live up to every day. These three principles define who we are, what we do, how we do it and why:

HUMANITEA: Lives of health and wellness.  Absent good health, it is impossible to reach our human potential and lead full lives.  Yet we see the increasing prevalence of age-related chronic health problems in the American and global populations.  However, we firmly believe that all individuals have an innate power to live a life of wellness—and that a paradigm shift towards healthy living and prevention of illness is happening all around us.

PURITEA: Provide the best. Be artisans of tea and spice.  Differentiate ourselves with quality and never compromise.  We source the finest organic teas, whole herbs and spices at origin and process each batch ourselves-leaving out any middleman or filler- no months or years on warehouse shelves. Our genuine spices are ground in small batches by hand by a human being. You will see, smell, taste and feel the difference. Freshness and quality are paramount. 

INTEGRITEA: Belief in karma.  Do well by doing good. First and foremost, our company was created with the intention of improving the health and wellness of individuals worldwide—a lofty goal, but we believe in dreaming big.  In terms of our business practice, our mantra is an abundance of respect for everyone --- customers, team members, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.  We endeavor to succeed while always being true to these values- and are hopeful that this will allow us to contribute in meaningful ways to our communities.